How does your editing service work?
Share your written document in a Word .docx format in DropBox or Google Docs. We will edit it according to your instructions which may include: grammar, spelling, voice, tone, style, and meaning. You will receive the fully edited document complete with comments where applicable.

How does your writing service work?
You provide the topic, length, and format requirements (SEO web content, press release, newsletter, etc.) and I will send you an edited draft in a new version; usually named [yourfile.v2.docx] suitable for placement or posting.

What if I don’t have time to post this content to my website?
With provided administrative access and an agreement about draft approvals, I will gladly post content to your website so that you can spend your valuable time growing your business by doing what you do best. Once you are confident in my ability to deliver your message, you may choose to minimize or even drop approval requirements.

This is Crazy Expensive Right?
Each project scope varies in its uniqueness and complexity so I will provide you with a cost estimate, so you’ll know beforehand what to expect and when I’ll deliver. I strive to provide increased value to your business with quality writing and editing services that showcase your best assets.

Some topics require extra research. You can save money and time by providing industry-specific materials, or I can do the needed background research. Final copy is always your decision.

How do I get started?
Click HERE to provide the best way to get in touch with you. You can even talk to (gasp!) a real person. (If you do get voicemail and leave me a message, I’ll promptly return your call.)

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